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Committee on Economic Policy, Budget and Finance
The Committee of the PMR Supreme Council on economic policy, budget and finances is an independent department of the parliamentary Offices and provides legal, organizational, documental analytical information and technical and other support of the activity of the Committee.

The Office staff is guided by the PMR Constitution, by Standing Orders of the Supreme Council, by decrees of the Chairman of the Supreme Council and the Chief of the Staff of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic, the present regulations.

The main Committee’s tasks and functions are the following:
  • Pre-legislative scrutiny of bills, submitting remarks and drafting legal acts on matters that falls within the remit of the Supreme Council. Examination of amendments to bills, generalization and drawing up the lists of amendments for consideration of the Supreme Council;
  • Drafting and submitting materials to the Supreme Council necessary for consideration of bills under Standing Orders of the Supreme Council;
  • Participating in organization and holding parliamentary proceedings and in other events within the Committee’s remit;
  • Working out current and prospective plans of the Committee’s business. Drafting and introduction of  proposals to the planned program on lawmaking business of the Supreme Council, to the agenda of the regular plenary meeting of the Supreme Council;
  • On the instructions of the Committee chairman interaction with other bodies within the Supreme Council, with representative, executive and judicial power bodies.
  • The organization of working groups to draft bills  and to prepare them for consideration;  providing an independent examination of bills by the state and public departments and consideration of the results of the examination before debates at the meeting of the Supreme Council;
  • Transcription and drawing up the minutes of the Committee’s meetings and other events initiated by the Committee;
  • Drafting and transmitting bills for the examination at the Committee’s meeting, clarification and analysis of them and also information on lawmaking and parliamentary business  within the Committee’s remit;
  • Invitation of the representatives of the respective entities of the legislative initiative – authors of the bills, amendments to the bills authors or their official representatives  and if necessary –  independent experts from other organizations  to their sittings and to the sittings of working groups; drafting the bills and resolutions at all stages and also for signing them after the adoption by the Supreme Council;
  • Consideration of letters and applications  from citizens and organizations on matters within the remit of the Committee and giving answers to them;
  • Sending the bills, draft regulations, statements and addresses of the Supreme Council to the legal and linguistic examination;
  • Providing safety of the Committee’s papers, transmission of records to the archives for keeping under the requirements of the legislation and established order.