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Commission on Foreign Policy and International Relations
Commission for foreign policy and international contacts is a standing body of the Supreme Council of PMR and was formed by the Supreme Council and is made up of deputies of PMR. The Commission is established for the duration of the Supreme Council of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic.

The commission consists of the Commission Chairman, his vice-chairmen, commission members, elected at the plenary meeting of the Supreme Council of PMR by a majority of deputies’ votes and commission members.

The key tasks of the commission are pre-legislative scrutiny, consideration, drafting of the resolutions covering the implementation of the Supreme Council’s functions of the Pridnestrovian Moldavian Republic concerning the foreign policy activity and international cooperation.

The Commission’s activities:
  • It drafts a resolution on an international treaty introduced to the Supreme Council of PMR for ratification or its approval under the law in force; 
  • it inquires additional information at the respective bodies about a legal act necessary for ratification or approval of the international treaty; it invites independent experts to give advice on the information and the text of the treaty;
  • it drafts reports and statements on the foreign policy and international cooperation issues for discussion at the sittings of the Supreme Council of PMR;
  • it provides a pre-legislative scrutiny of draft addresses and statements of the Supreme Council on foreign policy issues;
  • it scrutinizes legal acts recommended by the  Inter-parliamentary Assembly of CIS member states for submitting them to the Supreme Council of PMR for further consideration and taking a decision on implementation;
  • drafts programs on cooperation with parliaments of other states in view of reports of the committees of the Supreme Council of PMR, deputies factions and groups.
  • receives reports from official parliamentary delegations of the Supreme Council of PMR on work they have done and the Supreme Council of PMR gave consideration to these reports.