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4214.07.2013Mikhail Burla "Inter-parliamentary cooperation - is the most important direction of the Supreme Council" Developments that have no precedent in the history of the Pridnestrovian parliamentarism took place this year. It is about creating working groups in the State Duma of the Russian Federation and Pridnestrovie on interaction between the two parliaments. Similarly, the same groups were created and to interact with the Rada of Ukraine. This work will allow both the Supreme Council and the legislature Russia and Ukraine to better understand the challenges we face and to find optimal solutions.
4009.06.2013Mikhail Burla, "Deputies are ready to consider any legislative initiatives aimed at improving the investment attractiveness of the Republic"Pridnestrovian leadership attaches great importance to investment activities. This is not only the indicator of business activity, but also the main factor that will allow us to solve the existing problems in the republic: to improve the economy, the living standards of the population.
The Supreme Council is is working on improving legislation in the sphere of investment. Currently the new law-in-draft "On Investments" is placed for consideration of the parliament. We have not considered this in the final version of the document, as we expect that at the end of a series of activities, including investment forum, we receive a variety of comments and suggestions, which we'll take into consideration when adopting this law-in-draft in the final version.
3614.05.2013Mikhail Burla, "For crisis overcoming it is necessary to have a clear concept how to do it"Our future depends on whether we can find effective ways to solve existing problems and provide for optimal interaction of all political forces. It seems that in order to overcome the crisis it is necessary first of all, to have a clear idea of the direction of development. Only efficient economy can ensure the welfare of the country, each family and every citizen individually.3424.04.2013Mikhail Burla, "The experience of Russian colleagues is very important for us""We have received assurances from the Chairman of the State Duma of the Russian Federation in order to documents adopted by us were optimal the most important legislations we will be assisted in the assessment and examination. In addition, we talked about the interaction at the level of groups that have been formed in the State Duma. We will, most likely, work specialized on certain committees".3225.03.2013Mikhail Burla, "We are ready to create any conditions to attract foreign capital"There is currently an active search for the most optimal model of the development of our region. We are looking for a way that, from the point of view of the economy, would be most effective and which would receive the appropriate public economic benefits that will eventually enable us to solve the problems in the region.
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