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Direct speech of the Chairman of the Supreme Council
Mikhail Burla, “Regional characteristics calculation of this or that territory in decision-making is important for us”

Participation in the 3rd International Parliamentary Forum “The New Measurements of Parliamentary Dialogue in the Modern Period”, that was held on the 26th of June in Moscow, allowed us to become familiar with a variety of programs aimed at maintaining peace, limiting manifestations of fascism, nationalism. 

On the 20th of September they celebrated one of the most important public holidays - Republic Day in South Ossetia. Vice-Speaker of the Parliament of PMR Sergey Cheban arrived to share the joy of the celebration of the 24th anniversary of the Republic of South Ossetia. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 23.09.14
Members of the Presidium of the Supreme Council in the course of passed meeting made up agenda of plenary sessions scheduled for the 24th of September and the 8th of October. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 23.09.14
The parliamentary press office prepared the regular edition of information-analytical program “The Deputy Hour” for broadcasting.
Source: Parliamentary News/ 22.09.14
Current working week started with the meeting for members of the parliamentary committee on agriculture. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 22.09.14
Parliamentarian Peter Pasat talked with the Catalan journalist and political scientist Abel Río Laguna. Articles about Pridnestrovie will be published in two Spanish editions – The “Lamar” and “El Diario”. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 22.09.14
Members of the parliamentary committee on public associations, sports, information and youth policy considered a number of core and non-core issues at the regular meeting. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 22.09.14
Chairman of the Supreme Council Mikhail Burla congratulated the staff of institutions of physical culture and sports, athletes, veterans, and sports enthusiasts with the Day Worker of Physical Culture and Sports. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 20.09.14
Pridnestrovian parliament was visited by a group of French senators headed by J. Durieux. Lawmakers from the banks of the Seine met with Pridnestrovian colleagues from the banks of the Dniester. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 19.09.14
Inspection of the building process of social objects constructed by mean of “The Eurasian Integration”, is on a weekly basis. This decision was taken in early September, the organization of the Supervisory Board, which, along with its leaders includes representatives of Pridnestrovie. Members of the Board and representatives of mass media during this time have visited several construction projects, the commissioning of which, in accordance with the previously developed plans, is expected at the end of this year. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 19.09.14
The article, prepared by experts of the Supreme Council of PMR is introduced to the Attention of site visitors in our regular feature “The Expert Opinion”. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 19.09.14
Visitors of the parliamentary website are offered another article of our regular column “The Legal Advice”, which is called “Looking for you, my family”. Advisor Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Council Tatiana Sevastianova provides explanations on basic legal rules governing the adoption of children. 
Source: Parliamentary News/ 19.09.14
Members of Parliament
CHEBAN Sergey Fyodorovich

Presiding Officers of the Parliament
NAMASHKO Nikolay Petrovich

Committee on Social Policy, Health Protection, Employment, Family and Childhood
SIPCHENKO Andrey Viktorovich

Committee on Education, Science and Culture